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National Maritime Museum

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Webinar from Feb 16, 2021

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NIVA webinar Sept 24, 2020

Find out more information through this interesting webinar by clicking on the link  below.

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A novel method for pre-ventilation of shipping containers in;  International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health (Sep. 2020)




Case investigations

Many companies handling shipping containers are not aware of the inherent potential risks. Depending on the type of goods the risks may vary from negligible to high. Questions may be raised whether to measure or ventilate, or both. We can provide input in these considerations at an early stage in the process.

Analytical capacity

Investigating the nature and levels of volatile chemicals in arriving containers is a good start to determine preventive approaches. Evaqvent has access to mobile laboratory resources including advanced analytical equipment (e.g. high resolution FTIR) to identify volatile  chemicals that can be present in your flow of containers.