About evaQvent

How it started

Several years of researching

evaQvent AB was started in 2019 by Gunnar Johanson and Urban Svedberg. After several years of research on the risks associated with unpacking of contaminated shipping containers, we developed a method and tools to facilitate pre-ventilation.

Harmful chemicals

Can be reduced by 90%

The arrival concentrations of harmful levels of chemicals can be reduced by 90% within 4 hours, often faster. We now offer a complete package with extraction fan, suction hoses and our own evaQplate, the device that attaches to the container.

Gunnar Johanson

Professor in Toxicology

Knowledge & Experience

We have investigated several hundred random containers and identified chemicals that exists. Questions may be raised around whether to measure or ventilate, or both. We can provide input in these considerations at an early stage in the process and help in determine the best approach.

Urban Svedberg

Senior Researcher / Industrial Hygienist

evaQvent AB

Pre-ventilation of shipping containers made easy


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